Moderation API overview

What is moderation API?

Moderation API is a REST API that allows you to integrate your application with the discuse moderation platform. It allows you to automate the process of content moderation and get the results in real-time. Moderation API is available for all users of our service and the pricing is based on the number of successful requests made to the endpoint and plan you are subscribed to.

What is a successful request?

A successful request is a request that is made to the moderation API endpoint and returns a response with a status code of 200 and additional “ok” within. If the request fails, the response will contain a status code of 4xx or 5xx. The number of successful requests is counted live with possible up to five minutes delay. In case of any issues with the API or internal systems where requests are incomplete or not processed, we will not count them as successful requests and you will not be charged for them.

How to use moderation API?

To use moderation API you need to have an account on and an API key. You can find your API key in the settings section of organisation / project. The API key is a secret and should not be shared with anyone. If you think that your API key has been compromised, you can generate a new one in the settings section of your account and the previous one will be invalidated. Only one API key per project is allowed ( to make it easier for everyone to track the usage ). If you need to use multiple API keys, you can create multiple projects and use them separately.

Can I use moderation API for free?

Unfortunately not. We do not offer a free plan for moderation API due to additional costs associated with moderation activity, mostly related to “how on earth we can moderate all the content in real-time” and “do you know how much graphics cards are these days?“. We do offer a free trial period for all new users, so you can try out the service and see if it fits your needs. Non-profit organisations can benefit from the discounted pricing, so if you are one of them, please contact us.