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Dive into the future with our AI-powered content moderation – a game-changer in digital safety and compliance. Experience how cutting-edge AI transforms your application, ensuring a dynamic, secure, and engaging user environment with unparalleled efficiency.

Text content moderation
Harness the power of AI to scrutinize and refine text content in real-time, ensuring every word meets your platform's standards for safety and professionalism. Our text content moderation system not only filters inappropriate language but also understands context and nuances, safeguarding your digital environment from subtle forms of misuse.
Images safety check
Elevate your platform's integrity with our AI-driven image safety checks, meticulously scanning visuals to detect and flag sensitive or harmful content. From user-generated photos to professional graphics, our robust image analysis tools ensure a secure and respectful online space, free from unwanted imagery.
Almost instant response
Experience lightning-fast content moderation with our AI technology, delivering near-instantaneous responses to keep your digital interactions smooth and uninterrupted. Our system's rapid processing capability means your community enjoys a seamless online experience, with content moderation that keeps pace with real-time engagement.
Advanced statistics
Gain deep insights into your platform's content trends with advanced statistics, offering a comprehensive analysis of moderation activities and user behavior. Our sophisticated analytics tools not only track moderation efficiency but also provide strategic data to help you make informed decisions about community management and policy updates.

Explore the discuse timeline

Insight into how discuse became the leading content moderation platform, made with love and passion.

  1. 2023

    Discuse is born

    Our journey culminated in the birth of "discuse" - the 8th iteration of our codebase. This revolutionary platform was conceived to democratize our services, offering unparalleled ease of integration and customization. With a laser focus on speed, reliability, accuracy, and portability, Discuse stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

  2. 2022

    Image moderation improvements

    A leap forward in image moderation! We initially crafted AI models using existing datasets, supplemented by user-generated content. This approach achieved 80% accuracy, but our ambition didn't stop there. We overhauled our strategy, creating bespoke datasets with stringent classification standards, catapulting our accuracy to a staggering 99.2% while maintaining low recall rates.

  3. 2021

    Developing AI models for content moderation

    This was a pivotal year where we embarked on crafting AI models dedicated to content moderation. Leveraging the rich dataset from our Telegram community, we launched model previews to users, receiving an avalanche of positive feedback. It was clear – our AI models were set to redefine content moderation.

  4. 2020

    Total of half a billion messages processed

    A monumental milestone: processing half a billion messages! Our bots underwent transformative upgrades, boasting a new architecture and features. Despite offering these services for free, driven purely by passion, we emerged as the go-to anti-spam service, especially in regions with limited internet access.

  5. 2018

    Adding UI to our bots

    We introduced a game-changing web dashboard, transitioning from a command-based approach to a sleek, user-friendly UI. This pivotal shift, coupled with a complete backend overhaul to Go, enhanced our bots’ efficiency and user engagement, elevating the moderation experience.

  6. 2016

    The first public releases of our bots

    Our first bots hit the Telegram platform, allowing admins to deploy round-the-clock moderation. Their success sparked a surge of innovation and experimentation within our team, fueling the development of more advanced versions.

  7. 2015

    Fighting misbehaviour in online communities

    Our origin story begins with a mission: to combat online misbehaviour and toxicity. Focusing initially on Telegram, we developed bots to assist community admins in maintaining decorum, setting the stage for our future breakthroughs.