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Elevate your online world with our sleek AI content moderation tool. Fast, smart, seamless – it's the ultimate guard for your digital realm, keeping conversations clean and engagement high. Perfect for the savvy digital player.

AI powered content moderation

Everything your project needs

Transform your online space with our AI-driven content moderation, ensuring a safe and vibrant community. Experience real-time filtering that adapts to your needs, keeping conversations relevant and respectful. Embrace the future of digital interaction, where efficiency meets quality in every interaction.

Easy to use API

Unlock the power of seamless integration with our user-friendly API, tailor-made for your private projects, applications, and websites. Experience the ease of embedding our capabilities in just minutes, transforming the way you work with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.

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One-click integrations

Stay ahead of the curve by effortlessly connecting with the most popular and trending social media and instant messaging platforms. Our one-click integrations are constantly updated, ensuring you have the latest tools to engage and expand your audience with minimal effort.

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Simple billing

Navigate the complexities of billing with our straightforward, pay-as-you-go and powerup plans. Enhanced by predictive AI, our system offers instant access to all billing details, providing a transparent and intuitive financial management experience.

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Our track record

Trusted by tens of thousands creators worldwide

Diving into the data, our numbers tell a story of growth, trust, and relentless spammer despair. We're the silent heroes in the digital shadows, making the online world a brighter place, one filtered request at a time.

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Ready to transform your online environment? With our AI-powered content moderation, streamline your workflow and safeguard your digital space. Make the smart move today for a safer, more efficient tomorrow.